Digital Analytics Measurement

Digital Analytics Measurement

Product Description

Digital Analytics Measurement: Premium Digital Service

This service is dedicated to large firms, mid-size, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers who seek to a review digital analytics of their website to ensure that pages are tagged correctly and identify the abandonments and page friction on the respective site.

User Requirements:

  1. Existing website with Google Analytics or Omniture or Cognos software installed.

This service includes (high level):

  1. A review of tag manager and page tagging on site.
  2. Analysis and identification of abandonments, fallout reports and page friction.
  3. Recommendations anddigital measurement best practices.

This service requires consultation, visit this link: Consultation for Digital Measurement

  • Fill out the form, state your objectives, provide information regarding your business (including website) and one of our team members will get back to you shortly to schedule a meeting. After consultation,¬†pricing, timeline, and execution will be determined.


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