Hello, I'm Christopher Whyte

Global MBA, Technologist, Thought Leadership In Digital

About Me

Whyte has lectured Digital Marketing / Digital Advertising to over 800 Business School and undergraduate students at Rutgers Business School, Baruch College and Kean University. Whyte is a recipient of a Global MBA from Rutgers Business School in partnership with ESCEM School of Business and Management (ranked 10th in France) and Germany’s number one ranked, European Business School with a concentration in Global Marketing & Business Strategy. Whyte holds certifications in Online Testing, Landing Page Optimization, and Value Proposition by Meclabs LLC as well as SEO Certification by Ayima.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Lead strategic technology initiative of a $100 Million Digital Targeting / Data Cloud Stack Initiative for a leading Fortune 50 firm that created a contextual relevant user experience for over 22 Million users. 
  • Implemented strategic UI/UX redesign for a leading Fortune 15 telecommunications firm that added over 283K+ incremental transactions, which increased self-serve revenue by $2.3 million (incremental).
  • Business developed and optimized Online and Mobile UI/UX funnels for a leading fortune 15 telecommunications firm that reduced page friction and abandonment by 23% and increased transaction conversions by 17%, which added $1.4 million in incremental revenue.
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